Friday, January 23, 2015

While My Baby Sleeps

While my baby sleeps...

She is cradled in the nook of my arm
My breast rests against her cheek

I feel her breath and watch her chest rise and fall

Her belly rests against my belly
Her legs rest on my leg

She is my future and my love

In a scenery of toys and laundry
I focus on her tender face 

I'm tired, my house is a wreck

I fight the guilt of neglecting the housework
And remember how quickly she will grow

It won't be long before she won't fit in the nook of my arm 

So for now I will breathe her in
Memorize her smells and smiles
Record every giggle
Embrace every 5am snuggle 

And be eternally grateful for this little life that has been trusted to my keeping.


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