Friday, April 19, 2013

Science Class Rap: I Like Big Rocks

I have to take a moment to share the creativity of my son, Jasen (or as we like to call him, "Rhyme Master J"). This is the rap he wrote for science class this week. It's a remix of "Baby Got Back".

I like Big Rocks
by Jasen Melville

I like big rocks and I cannot lie
No others can deny
There’s metamorphosis, sedimentary and igneous

Metamorphic rocks form from underground, so give me a pound
Sedimentary rocks form from layers, but they aint no football playas
Igneous rock forms from magma, but it aint my mama
That’s how the rocks form, so stay in your dorm
And get ready for the brain storm

I like big rocks and I cannot lie
No others can deny
There’s metamorphosis, sedimentary and igneous

Metamorphic rock forms in high pressure and a really high temperature
Sedimentary rock forms from sediment and it could use a new apartment
Igneous rock forms from cooling lava, but it’s hotter than a cup of java

And that’s my song; it’s cooler than the emperor’s gong
This song is better than honey, plus it’s a little funny Photo Extras: Luna Lounge

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Husband's Healthy Pizza

My husband Nathan made this for me last night and it was sooo good! He is being so supportive of my healthy eating, I just love him! :)


1 Spinach soft tortilla
1 C Spinach leaves
1 Can of diced tomatoes (we didn't have any fresh ones handy, we used the kind mixed with oregano, basil and garlic)
1 C Mozzarella cheese

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees. Lightly oil your cast iron skillet with olive oil (or anything so that it won't stick). Place the tortilla in the skillet. Cover with spinach leaves, tomatoes and cheese. Bake at 425 degrees for about 10 minutes, or until your cheese is melted how you like. Cut it like a delicious, veggie pizza!

Health Information:

Tortilla: 210 Calories, 4.5 g of Fat
Cheese: 120 Calories, 9 g of Fat
Spinach: 20 Calories, 0 g of Fat {Way to go Spinach!}
Canned Tomatoes: 140 Calories, 1.5 g of Fat

Total: 490 Calories, 15 g of Fat

This will vary depending on what type of ingredients you use. I think next time I might try and cut more calories by using fresh tomatoes and a different type of tortilla. Happy Cooking!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Holy Blogging! It's been one year!

I have to admit, the creation of Pinterest led to my blogging. It was about one year ago when my sister introduced me to the site, and I spent hours looking at projects and recipes. I looked at all of the cool and creative blogs these pins came from and I thought, "I want one of those too!". 

I promise you that there are much better blogs out there than mine. Blogs with better photos, higher quality posts, better page organization and more frequent posting, but I didn't start this blog to be the best. I started this blog to share ideas with people and because honestly, I love when people tell me that the stuff I create looks awesome or that I have good ideas. The attention does feel amazing! 

I can't even begin to tell you how much I have learned about blogging in the past year! I have learned to network with other bloggers, I have learned blog promotion, HTML coding and much more about photo editing than I ever expected to. I have used programs that I had never heard of before (Rafflecopter, InLinkz) or for that matter, I never knew they existed. I am proud that I taught myself these skills that are sure to be beneficial in other aspects of my life as well. 

I have made some great blogger friends and received incredibly valuable advice from other bloggers. I have also seen the nasty and mean side of blogging, where people have made fun of my projects or tried to virtually bully some of my blogger friends. It is a learning experience on how to ignore hurtful comments and grow thicker skin. 

I am amazed everyday to look at my blog and how far it has come. My heart is happy when I see 100 page views per day on my stats (when I first started I would be so psyched about 10 per week). I can't believe sometimes that people are actually out there, reading what I write. I have gotten opportunities to do things that are so cool and fun (like product reviews or help host giveaways). This little blog has opened up a whole new passion for me. 

So, thank you. YOU. Whoever is reading this. Without people reading this little blog of mine, it just wouldn't be the amazing thing it has become. I am very grateful! 

Cheers to 1 year and many more!

Spring Product Review for eShakti!

I am so happy to do this Spring product review for eShakti! Here are a few bullet points about what I love from this company:

  • Super Friendly
  • Fast Shipping
  • Great Products
  • Custom Sizing!
This time around I ordered custom sizing, which worked out great! I was a little nervous because I had never had anything besides my wedding dress custom sized. The website was so helpful in determining how to do correct measurements. 

I love my dress! I wore this to my Nana's funeral (I know, kind of a downer), but I also wore this on Easter (which is when I took the photos). In conclusion, the dress is very versatile :) and it has pockets, which I always love! 

On to the photos...

Web address:


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