Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Trending: The Writer's Block Rescue and Ronan Farrow

Sometimes...only sometimes...I don't have a recent craft to display or recipe to share. Sometimes...I am fresh out of "words of wisdom" and cleaver anecdotes. Sometimes...I know I want to blog about something, I just don't know what.

This happened to me today. True story. Like 30 minutes ago.

So I thought to myself, "why not see what's trending and write something about that? Gosh Michelle, you are so smart. And I bet you are the first blogger ever to think of this idea. Your post is going to get a million views!"

I am very confident I am not the first blogger to think of this. Just as I was not the first blogger to make a holiday wreath or use owls in Christmas decor. But my hope is that this post will reach someone who has not heard this idea and to help spark a little creative writing.

  • How to I find what's trending?

Once you find what's trending, write about it. For example, the top trend on Google Trends this evening was Ronan Farrow. I have no idea who that is. Who is Ronan Farrow?

Ronan Farrow is a human rights activist. I thought he was a movie star. Now I am embarrassed. According to his Wikipedia Page, he is also a freelance journalist, lawyer and government official. And he looks pretty handsome. 

He has actually lived quite an amazing life. I highly recommend checking out his page and learning more about him. He was a child prodigy and went to Yale University at age 15. He is trending today due to talks of hosting an MSNBC show. So interesting! 

In conclusion, I hope this blog post has helped at least one person with the dreaded blogger writer's block. Thanks for reading! 

Information on trending gathered from Make Use Of.


  1. This is a great article, thanks for sharing!

    And thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

  2. Hi, Michelle - I found you via I like to get inspiration this way, too. Also, for some reason, I'm always inspired by listening to NPR. There is just so much useful information there.



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