Wednesday, August 15, 2012

All the little details.

I've learned that it's the little details that make wedding planning so much fun and can make it such a challenge. I obviously love to craft and create and I struggle at times to let others help me in my crafting endeavors.  Here are a few of my latest and greatest wedding projects I would like to share!

Swag Bag Graphic:

This is just a trial run of a graphic for my gift bags at my wedding. I love the idea of giving my guests a reusable bag to take with them.

Cupcake Time!

We are serving a regular sized wedding cake, but also loved the idea of mini cupcakes. My fiance, my son and myself are going to choose our favorite cupcake flavors and serve each "pick" at the reception.

More sweets and treats:

I know everyone is doing it, and I should do something to buck the status quo... but I do love the idea of a table full of candy! Instead of doing candy bags, I am making these labels for mason jars for my guests to fill. 

The first label is a round label for the top of the jar. 

This second label for the outside of the mason jar.

Rehearsal Dinner Invites:

These are the invites for the Rehearsal Dinner. I had to re-make these three times due to my failure to correctly spell "rehearsal". All in all, I think they turned out simple and cute.

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  1. Goodness, girl! You are a graphic whiz! Love your creations! :)



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