Friday, November 23, 2012

Celebrating a Birthday with the Coolest Guy Alive

Today is my son's birthday. I post about him a lot, so I thought he should get a special birthday post :)

A little about the two of us...

I had my son when I was 14 years old. I know, WOW. The two of us are tight, we have literally been two peas in a pod (aka apartments and condos) until I met Nathan two years ago. Now we are five peas in a pod...including the Chiweenies. Jasen's dad died in 2006 when Jasen was five, but hat's another story for another day.

Jasen is truly the most amazing kid in the world. I know every mother thinks that about their son, but I know mine is meant for great things. I can see him being president or a famous humanitarian.

So on to our day of fun!

First we took a picture of Jasen before bed last night, just so we can compare what he looks like at age 11 vs age 12.

Then this morning I took a picture of him at age 12. You can obviously see the difference.

He asked me to make him a birthday shirt {one of the fun things about having a crafty mama}

Then we went on an adventure to get him the best surprise birthday present ever: an iPhone 4s!

We have taken a trip to Target, got some Subway for lunch and now we are watching Spongebob. And Jasen is editing my post about him. He doesn't like it when I write about him, lol. 

If we're lucky, we might be able to go to Red Lobster tonight for a birthday dinner!


  1. My son doesn't like it when I blog about him either and he's 25. He's my baby. I'm following you on Twitter and Bloglovin. Hope your turkey day was a good one. Linda

  2. Wonderful post. I really enjoyed reading this. I was a young mom too! Had my son in 1998 while still in university (the first time). He's 14 today. And he has the Iphone 4 too! hehe.

    Well happy birthday to your young man! It's obvious to me what a great job you did with him.

  3. Love your new layout!!

    Happy birthday to your son!! The years seem to fly by huh??


  4. Happy Happy Birthday to him!! I think that it is awesome that the two of ya'll are so close. My son is 10 and does not care if I blog about him or not. LOL he always asks me if I am gonna put things on Facebook.



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