Monday, June 17, 2013

Three Personal Qualities Needed to Thrive During the Start Up of a Small Business

Starting a small business is hard work! 

Starting a small business 120 miles from where you live is even harder work!

Spending everyday doing something you love...worth all of the hard work!

I have identified three personal qualities needed to thrive during the start up of a small business:

  • Patience: Extraordinary things take time and hard work, it won't happen over night. I try to be patient and enjoy the little things about starting a business (like designing business cards and organizing inventory). It is important to enjoy every step in the process, sit back, and take a deep breath. 

  • Faith in Yourself: You are awesome. You are smart. You have an amazing plan. You can do this. No one is a harsher critic on my work than I am, but this time, the most important person on my team is myself. This is my dream, this is my goal. If I am not believing in myself 100%, it will be hard for others to do the same. 

  • Determination: Keep on keeping on. Marketing, social networking, event planning...every little step is one step closer to your goal. It all matters. Just because something did not go as well as you planned doesn't mean it was not a success. Every person who knows about your business matters. Every business card you hand out matters. Every "like" on Facebook matters. Smile. You will be a success. 

I am always looking for small business tips. Do you have any helpful tips or links? I would love to hear from you! 

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