Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Life, Lily Pads and Bad Blogging

What makes a "bad" blogger? 

A blogger who doesn't post for three months? Or a blogger who lets their domain expire?

I think I have been a "bad" blogger.

The truth of it is, my life has been a bit of a whirlwind during the past few months. I went through a job transition, which has been turning out to be fabulous. I have learned the meaning of "drained" and "overwhelmed". I spent my summer balancing graduate school, old job, new job and always: my family. The truth of it is, many nights I come home and can barely muster up the energy to turn on QVC before bed.

I love blogging. I love creating things. I love writing. I love the blogging world. I love link parties. I love meeting new bloggers. I love comments. I love social media. I love photographs.

I hope to be a better blogger over the next few months. As always, thanks for reading: blogs are happier when they have readers :)

Have you ever been a "bad" blogger?


  1. This is funny for several reasons. First, I was just thinking to myself that I have no blogged in a long time either and I really need to do it. Second, yesterday morning I was trying to show one of my co-workers one of your posts to give her an idea of something to do with one of her kids (the learning tree) but I typed in this page and it didn't come up. :( So I'm glad you're back, and I will be soon as well because I am a bad blogger too.

    1. Lol that is funny! I knew my domain expired, but for some reason I thought it would default back to my free blogger account. So it didn't really hit me until I tried to check my page yesterday! Well, let's try hard to be better bloggers together :)



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