Thursday, May 3, 2012

Creating Crafting Space with Thrift Store Finds

It was time I designated a space to create my projects! Here are photos of how this progressed: (and I must get better about taking "before" photos!)

The end result:

My desk:
Got it for "free" (I made a $5 donation) at a thrift store. It is an old sewing table. I painted it pink with acrylic paint and a sponge brush. I bought the drawer knobs from Michael's for $1 a piece.

My chair: Got this from Goodwill for $4. Spray painted it, and reupholstered it with $1 thrift store fabric.

My Storage: Got this from a thrift store for $5. I spray painted it yellow. I bought plain wood knobs from the hardware store and painted them with acrylic paint. Also got this amazing wine rack from the thrift store for $1. It fits mason jars perfectly! I found these vintage tins for $1, they are great for storage.

The inside: I plan to add a piece of shelving board later.

Another thrift store find. Shelf for $3. I was able to remove the bar to hold ribbon. I spray painted this as well. I bought the mason jars for .25 cents. They make fore great storage!

Spice rack for paint storage:

Shower caddy: got it for .25 cents. Spray painted it, more paint storage.

And there you have it! My wonderful crafting space out of thrift store finds!

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