Friday, June 8, 2012

Wall Art

Here are two of my latest wall art creations. These were inspires my 2 pieces of shelving wood I rescued.

Inspire Art

*Coated the entire shelving board with mod podge
*Attached lace in a rainbow color pattern
*Printed out the word "inspire" (this has had a lot of meaning for me lately)
*More mod podge to seal everything in.
*Attach a hook to the back of the shelving board and it's ready to hang!

You are my happy art:

I thought this saying was so adorable the first time I heard it. I knew it would be incorporated into a project! 

This used another piece of the rescued shelving board.

*Scrapbook Paper
*Mod Podge

  • Cut strips of paper the size of the shelving board. I used 2 patterns and alternated  them.
  • Cut out letters from quote if needed.
  • Cover board with mod podge and attach paper background and quote
  • Mod Podge over the paper and quote
  • Spray with a glaze

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