Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Day in My life...

I am always fascinated by other people's "day in the life" posts, so I decided to do my own. So, welcome to a day in the life of Michelle, I hope you enjoy!

Good Morning! Ugh... 7:08am...woke up a little later than I had planned, but that's ok. Time to start the day! 

  • Take puppies out
  • Feed those darn puppies
  • Shower
  • Get dressed

Here's me! Dressed and somewhat ready to go. It took me a good 10 tries to get this shot. I actually kind of like it. Now, time to wake up my sleepy child. He is in the pre-teen phase, so he loves to sleep!

I must have caffeine in the mornings! I have fallen in love with this double chocolate coffee. Yummm!

Here's me and my main squeeze :) He's going to grandma's during the day while I go to work. It's a little after 8am now.

I have a super long drive to work. I live in the suburbs of St. Louis and work out in a rural area. So after an hour long drive, I see the cows and I'm almost to the office.

Most days I am out and about seeing kids and doing things at schools or in the community. Today I am in the office marketing an Expo our kids are hosting. We held a summer camp where kids made their own small business with a cause. We're holding an expo where the kids will sell the products they have created. Pretty awesome!

So I have spent my day posting ads on craigslist and other classified sites. I have been marketing on Facebook and through e-mail to other organizations.

This has to be one of the more depressing parts of my day. Filling up on gas definitely costs me an arm and a leg. With a round trip of over 100 miles every day, I'm hurting for a more gas efficient ride. 

Home sweet condo! This is the outside of our place. It's a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo that will hopefully be on the market soon. I love my home, but I am looking forward to having a house with a big yard!

Miss Stella is looking forward to having a big yard as well...

On to one of my favorite times of the day: chat time with the soon to be hubby and dogs. I noticed it has become a ritual for us to come home, jump into bed, snuggle the puppies and talk about our days. It's a really relaxing way to start out the evening.

Here's daddy getting kisses from the little Mustang.

Every Monday and Thursday is yoga. I've posted about my new found love of yoga. It relaxes me and gives me a great workout.

This is where the magic happens :)

After yoga I met up with my cousin, she is awesome and addressed my wedding invites with her beautiful handwriting. We met up in the mall parking lot and ended up chatting for 2 hours. That's just how we roll. I got home about 10pm, ate some leftover pasta, checked e-mails and passed out. 

My life is not particularly exciting, but most of the time, I am glad it's low key. Hope you enjoyed a peek inside my day! 


  1. So glad to find you on the Facebook hop! Newest follower on bloglovin + twitter too :) Hope to see you at Me + the Moon!

    -Nicole @ http://meandthem00n.blogspot.com

    1. I just followed you back on Twitter and Bloglovin. Nice to meet you! :)

  2. How fun! I love life lately posts. I'd love it if you'd share this on my blog's life lately link up : )


  3. I want to try yoga too, but I am worried about what class to start out at first. I've heard Bikram is way intense, but probably not good for a newbie like me.

    Newest follower on BlogLovin!

    1. I go to the free classes at my gym that come with my membership. The first night I went, I could barely do anything. But by the second class, I was already better and stronger. I can tell each time I go I get better! It's a great feeling. Where I go, they really emphasize to work at your own pace and to not feel bad about what you can do compared to others. You should totally try a few basic yoga classes and let me know how you like them!

      I will be following you back on bloglovin! Thanks! :)

  4. Love that I found your blog through Naptime Review!!!! great post :)


  5. Just seeing this post now. The cows are always my "almost to work" sign too!

  6. Michelle, my pups name is Stella, too! :)



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