Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday Night Fun

I have been a crazy woman lately with wedding planning and have been seriously neglecting my crafting! My wonderful fiance persuaded me to jump back in tonight and make these cute little doggie beds for Mustang and Stella. We won't mention exactly what happened to the last beds I made. Let's just say it involves some cat food and the puppy flu. 

I love making pillows/beds for the dogs because it is SO easy! I use whatever fabric I have laying around and stuffing from an old pillow that has seen better days. I had been wondering what I would do with this cow pattern fabric I scored for a buck at a yard sale...and I only used half of it!

I had to capture this page from a cookbook I found at a church rummage sale. The book was published in 1933. I would love to start blogging some recipes from this!  


  1. stumbled upon your blog on feed me friday ... very cute material for these beds! my pup is a "stella" too!

  2. Thank you! I got lucky with that material, it was so cheap. How cute we both have Stella dogs :)



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