Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Positive Trading Cards! {Creative Therapy Idea}

This project was SO fun, my girls in my 8th grade group begged me to do it again. They loved using all of the different art supplies and getting to be creative. I even had one student ask me if I got paid to do this. I loved that comment :)

Positive Trading Cards:

The purpose of this activity is to increase positive thinking among students. 


A deck of playing cards (I bought mine at Dollar Tree)
Various Art Supplies:
          Scrapbook paper, paints, old magazines, scissors, glue, sparkles (whatever you can find!)


I told the girls we would be making positive trading cards. The only guideline was that they needed to create something positive on the cards, it could be a positive quality or something that inspires them. I asked them to make cards for themselves and at least one to give to another person. 

I gave the girls a few playing cards and told them they could make them over however they would like. I found that using glue sticks and scrap book paper did work best. The painting was a little challenging with the texture of the cards.

One thing I loved about this activity was the time we spent talking while they were creating their cards. It was an open, informal dialogue and I got to know a lot about the girls. We turned on music, talked and had fun creating pretty things. 

This lasted 2 group sessions. I asked the girls to present their cards at the end of the last session. 


This activity was inspired by something I found on Pinterest, here is the link!


  1. What an amazing idea!!! Just love these and I'm going to make some of my own!

    1. Aww thank you so much! They are really fun to make!

  2. Very cute! Thanks for sharing!

    Wendy @Kidlutions =)



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