Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Communication Practice with Catch Phrase!

This week, I used the game "catch phrase" to stimulate some communication development in my groups. The kids had a blast!

Summary of play:

I wrote down a variety of words on little slips of paper. I used about 100 words for groups of 6. The words were people, places and things. I picked words that I believed to be the most relevant to high schoolers.

I put the slips of paper into an envelope.

At the beginning of group, we discussed communication and why it was important in friendships. We also discussed what makes communication difficult. Then it was game time!

I had them get into pairs. One member pulls a word from the envelope. Without saying the actual word, they try and get their partner to guess what their word is. When they guess it, the same person pulls out another word and continues. The goal is to see how many words the other person can guess in 60 seconds.

Each pair takes a turn, then the guesser becomes the person who draws a word.

We played for about 30 minutes and then tallied up the points.

We closed the group session by discussing ways that we could improve our communication skills.

You can find full instructions for the game and some great printable word lists at The Game Gal.

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