Sunday, February 24, 2013

Creative Therapy: Why I Won't "Fall" for Drugs

This is a super simple activity I did to kick of the Fall season. The kids had a lot of fun doing this at lunch time. I hung the finished product in the hall at school so the kids could check out why everyone else wasn't going to "Fall" for drugs.

Why I Won't "Fall" for Drugs

Purpose: For students to discover personal reasons why they don't want to use drugs and for students to examine the reasons why fellow students don't want to use drugs. 

Leaf cut outs (I got mine at Dollar Tree, they are actually doilies)
Pens or Markers
Tree trunk and branches cut out from butcher or construction paper

Have the students write a reason why they won't "Fall" for drugs. 
Set up your tree and leaf display where all students can see it. 

If students are having trouble coming up with ideas, the following questions could be used:
What would your family think if you used drugs?
How would your friends feel if you used drugs?
How would you feel about yourself if you used drugs?
Would you be able to play sports or get a good job if you used drugs?


  1. Can I send you the picture of the one I did where I asked them to write why they won't use drugs or alcohol and the student wrote: "why I won't use drugs or alcohol"? Ha! I really loved this idea though.



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