Friday, October 19, 2012

Guest Post: T-Shirt Scarf Tutorial

I'm so happy to have met Jacqueline from Beauty and the Budget! Here is her awesome guest post...

T-Shirt Scarf Tutorial:

Hi I'm Jacqueline from Beauty and the Budget and I'm excited Michelle gave me the opportunity to post on her blog! A little about me.... I live in Colorado with my Hubbs and 2 lovely (and lively) daughters. I enjoy crafting, crocheting, planning and hosting get togethers and saving money while I'm at it! Over at Beauty and the Budget, you'll find money saving tips on things from crafting and beauty to fashion and groceries in addition to patterns and tutorials for DIY/Up-Cycle. Today's tutorial is on how to up-cycle those old t-shirts into new fashion accessories. Hope you enjoy!

Take an old t-shirt and cut across just underneath the sleeves

Take a paper plate (or another circular item of your choice) and start tracing
circles on your t-shirt.

Cut the circles out.

Cut each circle Into a spiral. If you hold a few circles together at a time, you can
ensure a little more uniformity in the scarf.

tip: if you cut a narrow spiral into your circle, the scarf will be longer. A thicker spiral will be a bit shorter

Gently pull on the spirals to stretch them a bit.

Tie small piece of t-shirt at the back to hold all pieces together.

You now have a fun frilly scarf that you can wear a couple different ways.


  1. Cute! Following you now lady! :D

    ♥Nicole @

  2. Thats such a cute idea and its really budget friendly as well. I like it. Mingling via the Monday mingle

    Nicki @ Nicki's Random Musings

  3. Great DIY and fantastic idea. Take care.


  4. what a creativity..I am impressed! Its a cool DIY stuff! Thanks!

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