Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: Photos By Pab

Today's sponsor spotlight is Trish, from the blog Photos by Pab. Trish takes some amazing photos and also runs her own online store...of the adult variety *wink* *wink*. I think she's pretty cool and I think you will too!

My Art, My Life, My Blog

"Originally from Maine. . . I now live in midtown Sacramento, with my boyfriend, a collection of dolls, my mannequin, and 2 spoiled cats. I’m also the owner of EroticQuorium.com.
I love the Beach, my Cameras, horror movies, flea markets, converse high tops, Cemeteries, black & white photos, purple, my darkroom, trolls, Mannequins, skulls, flowers, Silver, creepy antique curiosities, 120 film, fairy tales, tattoos and the color pink. All of this has influenced my art, which has been described as hip-chick with a twisted beauty of mundane things.
Please contact me if you need some new creative and unique photos.
I wish to thank everyone who has appreciated my work."


  1. Thank you so much. Glad you like my photography. I think you're pretty cool too. He-He thanks for mentioning EroticQuorium. Again thanks for all your kind words! :-)

  2. You are very welcome! And thank you! lol :)



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