Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: Ride The Spiral

I would like to introduce everyone to Analilia! She is one of my amazing sponsors! Take some time to check out her blog today. I love her sense of humor!

Wife to Stevan and mother to Michael. I became a first time mom at 31 years old and a Stay at Home Mom to boot! I vaguely remember helping my mother with my three younger brothers, but that seems like eons ago. All of this is new to me, which is why I decided to document, when I can remember, about the my new life in Mommyhood.

I don't bake. I've tried and have always burned, missed an ingredient or two, or just end up cursing whatever monstrosity comes out of the oven. This doesn't mean that cooking is off limits since I can cook pretty well. Usually comes out delicious if I may say so myself. As mentioned, baking is my enemy, but this doesn't mean that I still won't keep trying and quite possibly will post it on here.

I'm not a DIYer or a crafty lady whatsoever. I'm too lazy for that, but I do admire those who do it and wish so hard that I could do it. Don't tell me "just get off your butt and do it!" because even when I try to do something remotely crafty, it just sucks.

I'm not as pessimistic as I sound. I'm actually quite the opposite. I'm a dreamer and a believer. I try hard to look for the silver linings in thing because sometimes you just have to. Life has handed me and us so many lemons that I have a life time supply of lemonade.

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