Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mom Challenge: Day 7

#14: Remember that being a mother is a gift. 

Through the ups and downs of parenting, it can be hard to always view motherhood as a gift. We are usually only reminded of this when we hear stories of a couple who struggles to conceive or adoptions that don't follow through. Many of us take our role as mothers for granted.

I know I do. I am usually so consumed with the day to day activities of life, I forgot how lucky I am to be a mother. Being a mother has been my greatest role in life. It has defined who I have become and who I will be.

I am a very young mother. I had my son when I was 14 years old. As many teenage mothers will tell you, the news of pregnancy at such a young age is not viewed by many as a gift. The challenges of being such a young mother were numerous. It was never easy, but it was always, always worth it. Jasen and I have such a special bond that can never be broken.

Now that I have met my wonderful husband and we are married, the discussion of having a baby is one we have often. I can't wait to be given the gift of motherhood again. I know I will be starting from "scratch", as Jasen is almost 12. He is so self sufficient and mature. Jasen and I discussed the decision of Nathan and I having another baby.

Jasen told me, "Don't worry Mom, you won't have to do it by yourself this time. You have Nathan to help you and you have me to help you". Words can't express how much I love my son and how much he teaches me everyday. I'm so lucky to have him on this journey of life with me!


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  2. Do we have that same pot that Jasen is in, in our cabinet? I never knew Jasen said that about us having another baby, that was very sweet! Keep these coming babe, I learn something new about you both every time I read them!

  3. look at him in that pot!!! so adorable!

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  5. ohhh babies, yay!!
    i think i could have more too if i could..

  6. Thanks Everyone! :) And yes babe, that most likely is the pot we have in the cabinet, lol!

    Thanks for the Award Erica!

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    You have a lovely blog :)

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