Monday, October 8, 2012

The Beginning of the Mom (Parent) Challenge: Day 1

In an effort to remember to continually grow as a mother, I want to complete this 30 day mom challenge from .

Since today is October the 8th, I am going to complete challenge #8.

#8 Calculate how many more weekends are left until your child graduates high school. 

If all goes well, my son should graduate in about May of 2019.

Hmmm a general estimate may be the best I can do...

There are approx 52 weekends in a year. About 7 more years until 2019.

It looks like we have about 364 weekends until Jasen graduates high school!

Right now this seems like a big number, but I know the time will continue to fly by as it already has. I have grown as a mother, always trying to improve and have more patience. It's hard to believe the tiny baby I brought home from the hospital is already 11 years old. In addition to this feeling, I have an overwhelming sense of pride as I look at the young man my son is becoming. He is kind, smart, funny and handsome.

Here is a picture of him I took this weekend, I can't wait for tomorrow's challenge!


  1. This is so cool! You are raising an AMAZING young man. :)

  2. Thank you! I'm looking forward to each challenge :) And thanks! That means a lot...and I think he's pretty amazing too :)



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