Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: Simplicity Interrupted

Today's sponsor spotlight is Kerri, from the blog, Simplicity Interrupted. One reason she is awesome is because we both have wonderful dogs named Stella! Take the time to check her out, I bet you will be glad you did!

        Simplicity Interrupted

hi, i'm kerri.

a little about me:
by day, i'm an attorney.
the rest of the time, i'm a doggie-mom to Stella, 
a 5 year old lab/hound rescue & constant companion of mine ...
i'm the girlfriend of an amazing man,
who just so happens to be a (just as amazing) father of two ...
i'm a sissy to my beautiful & ridiculously smart older sister,
and an auntie to her two adorably goofy, giggly girls.

simplicity interrupted 
is my space to be creative.
i post everything from 
recipes to tips & tricks,
from kids activities to fashion 
... its all in here.
life isn't simple ...
it's chaotic & disorganized & messy.
but its beautiful & its in progress, 
so all we can do is 
... breathe ...
& stop trying to control everything.

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