Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mom Challenge: Day 3

Today is the 10th so we are on to challenge #10:

Today's mom focus: Joy

All day I have been thinking about what brings me joy as a mother. Obviously, my son's big accomplishments or awards, and the A's on his report cards. But today I wanted to focus on the more subtle, everyday things that bring me joy as a mom.

  • It brings me joy to talk to my son everyday, he is growing up into such a cool person
  • It brings me joy to laugh with my son over stupid things
  • It brings me joy that Jasen and I have a similar weirdo sense of humor that not a lot of other people understand
  • It brings me joy to come into a room and see my child reading a book
  • It brings me joy to laugh with Jasen over the pre-mustache hair I spotted on him today
  • It brings me joy to see my son wearing crazy, mismatched socks (our house runs on the philosophy that you are lucky to find 2 clean socks, don't worry if they match)
  • It brings me joy to know that Jasen took part in the anti-bully activities at school, he is always standing up for others
Tonight was parent/teacher conferences at my son's school. The lines to speak to each teacher were long and we had to wait for several people to go ahead of us. As I was sitting there thinking, "I really wish I could hurry up and get this done", I stopped myself. I looked at Jasen, who was sitting next to me looking bored out of his mind. I laughed and told him, "You know, they won't have parent/teacher conferences when you are in college. We only have a few years left of meeting your teachers, we better enjoy it!" 

Now of course he looked at me like I was insane. But it is these little moments that fly by, that we will miss as our kids grow up. Taking two hours out of a Wednesday night was more than worth my time to show my son that I care about his education  I try to be the best parent I can be, and seeing my son happy is really one of the greatest joys of being a mom.

I lied and told him I was taking a picture of the dogs. He doesn't like it when I snap random photos.

I fessed up to taking this one for the blog. He happily posed to show off his crazy sock combo. 


  1. Your posts show a lot of heart, and a lot of love for your son. This really inspires me to step back and take a look at all the things I don't see or appreciate with my son. You're a great mother and I wish you both the best!

  2. Hey babe, I just wanted to take a sec and tell you how cool this mom challenge is. You're a great mother, and I hope some day I can learn your better qualities as a parent that I yet to obtain. I love you!

  3. Michelle,
    Love that you are doing this mom challenge. You are a great mom and you are so honest and genuine. Plus it is great seeing Jasen through your eyes. I can't believe he is almost 12! It is so neat to see the bright, happy young man he has grown into. You should be very proud.

  4. Found you through the blog/facebook/twitter blog hop, i'm your newest follower :)
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    fitness blog {}

  5. To my husband: I love you so much and you're always so sweet and supportive of me! Thank you! :)

    Kelly, First of all, I can't wait for you to be a mom because you are going to be awesome at it! And thank you so much :)

    Welcome Erica and thanks for following!

  6. Ohh, I just love this post. I feel joy right along with you.



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